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Photography has always been important to me. I've been exploring photography for over two decades. It began as documentation of my travels and continued into my exploration of landscapes and nature and finally portrait photography. With the opportunity to photograph some stage performances, I found that dance photography became such a rewarding collaborative experience that I started focusing more on that. My wife, a dance instructor and physical therapist, assists with most photo session and allows us to comprehensively explore the beauty and potential of a dancer's movement through posing, lighting and composition.
Whether dance, a day at the park or a child's smile, photographing these ephemeral moments is about architecting a still photograph that illustrates and contains the experience.
It would be great to help you to capture your life's details or even if you just have a cool idea for a photograph and need some help to bring it to life, schedule a session! 
We are located in Elgin, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. Send us an email at
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