Lance's Studio Photography | Elgin Fringe Festival
Whatever Happens ... Happens

The first Fringe Fest Festival began in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947. It was a local effort to create a festival that was not of the mainstream, but rather something different and unique. What started out as a festival of shoe-string productions and a catch-as-catch can attitude quickly grew into a model for other cities and other artists. Now, more than 300 Fringe Festivals happen around the globe every year. There are more than 50 Fringe Festivals in North America.

The Elgin Fringe Festival adds to this collective of creative artists when it began its second year, featuring more than 120 performances in just four days along with dozens of artists and performers. Inspired by the idea that downtown Elgin is a place for artistic expression and growth, the Elgin Fringe Festival was the brainchild of Sean Hargadon and Erin Rehberg in 2013. With the help of a talented and dedicated committee and an army of volunteers, the Elgin Fringe Festival continues to grow with the theme that "Whatever Happens...Happens."
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