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Air and Space Annex

May 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was in D.C. recently for a conference, my first time visiting the capitol. I really wanted to see the shuttle Discovery housed at the Air and Space Annex, so I rented a car for a few hours to drive out there. I couldn't reserve a car in advance, they had nothing available, so I planned to just show up to the aisle and grab a car without a reservation. Luckily, after landing, while the plane made its way to the gate I was able to quickly reserve a car from their app. On a side note, the plane was delayed leaving Chicago due to the snow storm so I got to see them de-ice the plane with the pink liquid and then coat the plane in a green gel like something out of Ghostbusters. Anyways, I made it to the Air and Space Annex with two hours or so to walk around before closing. Quite a fantastic place filled with historical planes and interesting exhibits. Here are a few photos of Discovery and some other standouts. 

_LJL4400_LJL4400 _LJL4353_LJL4353 _LJL4376_LJL4376 _LJL4306-Pano_LJL4306-Pano _LJL4298-Pano_LJL4298-Pano _LJL4387_LJL4387 _LJL4330_LJL4330 _LJL4329_LJL4329


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