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DDA 2017 Photo Setup

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I had two light setups this year. One for individuals with 4 - Profoto B1 lights and one for groups with 4 - Profoto B2 lights.

2017-05-21 08.42.562017-05-21 08.42.56

I used ISO 200 instead of its base of 64 to give the battery powered B1 lights a break. The D810 dynamic range is superb so I also underexposed the group setup by one full stop because the B2 lights were a little underpowered for the space and large groups.  I was pleasantly surprised that the B2 lights could run plugged in and never needed to swap batteries. The group lighting setup was pretty traditional so I never needed to move the lights. I was able to setup two groups on the Profoto Air-TTL remote to switch between setups with the press of a button and have individual control of the all lights from the camera. 

I always lay down white marley for the indviduals, giving the dancers a responsive surface for anything they want to try. I used a warmer paper for the rest of the floor and background this year than in previous years. I also kept the background a bit underexposed maintaining the whites and highlights in costumes as my dominant white. 

_LJL6088_LJL6088 _LJL7641_LJL7641


Platinum Printing

April 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My chemicals are getting old, and I only had one sheet of mulberry paper left, so I was inspired to make a few platinum prints. 


First the chemicals.  2017-03-22 20.34.432017-03-22 20.34.43



Prepare the negatives.

2017-03-22 20.34.552017-03-22 20.34.55

Coat the paper and let it dry. This time, I did use a hair dryer to speed the process. 

2017-03-22 20.36.322017-03-22 20.36.32

Expose the negative and coated paper for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. 

2017-03-22 21.01.222017-03-22 21.01.22


Developer and clearing agent baths.

2017-03-22 21.03.542017-03-22 21.03.54


2017-03-22 21.10.182017-03-22 21.10.18

2017-03-22 21.26.552017-03-22 21.26.55

Finished prints. 

17425157_10102985321918069_5573276190342751411_n17425157_10102985321918069_5573276190342751411_n 17498958_10102985321913079_7698980319163716663_n17498958_10102985321913079_7698980319163716663_n

Out of Chicago Winter Conference

February 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I was unable to attend the Out of Chicago Winter Photography Conference, but I still submitted two photographs to their photography competition. I was very excited to hear that my Portrait submission was selected by the judges for Top 5, and my Macro submission was selected for 1st by the judges. A great way to start the year and provide me with some inspiration for trying a few new ideas. 

  16797075_981050792027551_2114352409827526414_o16797075_981050792027551_2114352409827526414_o 16836484_981050788694218_4617502164534041709_o16836484_981050788694218_4617502164534041709_o

Audition Photos

January 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A few dance audition photos recently. Different styles, many choices of lighting with a white background. Audition sessions are quick and affordable, $35 for a 1st arabesque and headshot. For the audition session, either the digital files or 5x7 prints of each photo are included. If you prefer a full dance session, pricing is $100 for a 2 hour outdoor session or $150 for a 2 hour indoor session at a studio loft space. Good luck to everyone auditioning! 

_LJL5794_LJL5794 _LJL9830_LJL9830 _LJL9867_LJL9867


Happy New Year!

January 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Two quick fun photos I did with the boys to celebrate welcoming 2017! I bought a gel kit last year and never used it for the intended photoshoot. I finally had a chance to pull them out and make use of them creatively! 

_LJL0013_LJL0013 _LJL0025_LJL0025